Hello, my name is Wendy, and I like to game.  A lot.  Maybe like isn’t a strong enough word here, but we’re a little off course here.  I like all kinds of games, and am always looking out for new ones to try.  The problem is, life gets in the way sometimes, and I can’t always find someone to play with, as often as I would like to.  So, recently I have veered into the solo gaming world.  This here is a blog of my adventures in the solo world.

I’ll also be chronicling my adventures in gaming with my 5 year old daughter.  She will be sharing her insights into the game we play together in a way that only she can! I hope you enjoy this series as much as we enjoy making it!

I hope you’ll join me, and drop me a comment once in a while, tell me what you’d like to see, or maybe something I can improve.  I’m open to game suggestions as well!

Thanks for reading!