Come Play With E! Sailor Moon Crystal: Dice Challenge- Season III

A while back I purchased a pop up tent for my daughter and I to “camp” out in our living room. It was a big hit, and we regularly have sleepovers in it.  These sleepovers include staying up late (duh), eating lots of junk food, and tons of board games.  The games that we play are different almost every time, with one exception, Sailor Moon Crystal: Dice Challenge.  Every time that tent pops out Sailor Moon comes out.  Emmy loves it, if you want to see just how much you can read our review of the game here.


Recently we read that Dyskami Publishing was releasing an expansion, entitled Sailor Moon Crystal: Dice Challenge- Season III, Emmy was more than excited.  When it showed up in the mail, the tent went up, and the playing began!  Since we went over how to play in our first review, we will skip over all of that, if you want to see how to play, feel free to check out the original review here we’ll wait for you…


All done?  Great!  Let’s get down to the nitty gritty.  Season III gives us more, more of everything we love.  More dice, pink, purple, and black.  For Emmy we could have just stopped there and she would have been delirious.  However, there was still more!  There are 12 new characters to play, with all the cool tokens that represent their new powers.

As with the original the game played quickly, and we loved it.  The components are well made, with vibrant new dice colors to go along with colorful characters.  Emmy had a great time trying them all out, finding her favorite, and then taking me down.  Hard.  As I mentioned in the original review I love the mathematical aspect.  Watching my daughter calculate which dice to spend and figuring out different combinations to do it, is amazing.

The components are once again well done.  The dice are colorful and cool to look at.  The card and tokens are well made and hold up to repeated play. Emmy loves the included lanyard.  Fans of Sailor Moon will be very happy with the art style and the characters represented.


This is a worthy addition to our collection, and a great add on to an already much loved game.  But enough from me, here are the words, straight from her mouth!

Emmy’s take:

“Sailor Moon is a good game.  I like playing it.  The new expansion comes with black, purple, and pink dice which is great.  It has way more characters to add to the other game, like the Demons that can take over for you if you pay one of your die.  It’s a great expansion, and it has cool chips!  I love this game!!”

Sailor Moon Crystal: Dice Challenge- Season III gets a solid:     img_54531.jpg

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