Come Play with E! Mint Tin Skulduggery Edition

If you follow our blog, or have even read a few of our posts you may have noticed there are a few publishers whose games we have covered more than once.  These are people, who continue to put out quality content over and over again.  Most of these publishers we also have the pleasure of calling friends, people whom we have gotten to know through our posts, meetings, and other internet communications.

Picture courtesy of subQuark Publishing- used with permission

One of these publishers falls into all of these categories and more, and I am excited to let you know currently has a Kickstarter for their latest offering, Mint Tin SkulduggerySubQuark Publishing is a small, family owned, game publisher, run by two of Emmy and my favorite people, David Miller, and Kate Beckett.  The duo have made some of Emmy’s favorite games including Mint Tin Pirates, and Mint Tin Aliens (you can read her review of those games here).  David and Kate run their operation out of their home, sorting through every piece of their games, from the tokens to the dice.  They even hand stamp their own tins!  Every component is made in the USA, including coins minted in the oldest private US mint.  Quality means everything to them, and it shows in their games.

Picture courtesy of subQuark Publishing- used with permission

Mint Tin Skulduggery is no exception.  Although we have not played the final version, Emmy and I were able to download the rules, and out together a makeshift set.  The rules are simple, the components minimal, making this a great travel, and play anywhere game.  The game begins with each player gaining a crystal skull.  A single die is rolled to determine the spirit number.  Players then take turns rolling three dice trying to roll the spirit number.  One spirit number is worth one point, in the form of a white skull, two spirit numbers will get you a black skull, valued at 5 points, and three spirit numbers will get you two black skulls, or 10 points.  There is a bit of a caveat, you must win by exactly 15 points, go over and you must forfeit the points that you just won.  However, the points can be skewed thanks to those crystal skulls.  They can be used to smash a die, effectively removing it from the game (temporarily).  This can be used to alter your rolls, or that of your opponents.  Each player is granted only one of these skulls at the beginning of the game, so choosing when to use it can be vital.  Fear not, you can get it back.  Roll three of a kind, of any number and you may reclaim your crystal skull.  But wait!  If you already have your skull you will instead call forth the Winged Death Head coin.  Shudder.  This coin comes out into the middle of the table.  If three of a kind is rolled again, without claiming a crystal skull all points are then passed to the player on your left.  Yep, the game can change in the blink of an eye.  Points can also be altered by rolling a 1-2-3, giving a point to the player, or players, with the lowest score.  Rolling a 4-5-6 removes a point from the player, or players, with the highest score.

White & black skull are about 8mm and the crystal skulls about 12mm

Picture courtesy of subQuark Publishing- used with permission

Mint Tin Skulduggery is a fast playing game, one that lends itself to high tension moments, and crushing blows.  Emmy and I have played it more than a few times, and we have had only close games.  The rules make it so that no one is a runaway in this game.  We have had come from behind victories that would be virtually impossible in other games.  No victory is sealed until the last die is rolled.  This makes the game so enjoyable for little ones, since they are never really out of the game.  The play moves so quickly that downtime is virtually nonexistent as well.  I have read there is a solo mode available for Mint Tin Skulduggery, but we have had so much fun playing it together that I have not even attempted it yet!

Until we get our final copy in hand I cannot really talk about the component quality.  However, based on the previous games that we have gotten from David and Kate, I cannot fathom they would be any less than stellar.  I know they will go the extra mile to ensure that each and every gamer is as perfect as humanly possible.  The gameplay is smooth, quick, and fun.  This is a game that has made it into Emmy’s “restaurant bag”, the bag that we take whenever we leave the house, and will also be making the trip to Disney with us this weekend.  It can be played anywhere, anytime, and with anyone.

Art files for the mint's custom dies & our sample which is slightly larger than a US quarter

Picture courtesy of subQuark Publishing- used with permission

If you are looking for a fun, travel game, then Mint Tin Skulduggery more than fits the bill.  If you are looking for a game that has been created by people who truly care about the gaming community and their customer base, then you need to meet David and Kate.  If you are looking for a game that is affordable, then the $13 price tag is for you (although it will go up to $15 if you miss the Kickstarter)  If you are looking for the full package, you will not be disappointed in Mint Tin Skulduggery.  Take a moment to check it out on Kickstarter now until December 9, 2018.

Emmy’s take:

“I love, love, love it!  This game is so much fun!  You never know who is going to win!  It it sometimes me, it is sometimes not me!  If you can, you should get this game!”

Mint Tin Skulduggery gets a solid:     img_54531.jpg

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