Come Play With E! Robit Riddle Edition

A review copy of Robit Riddle was provided by Atlas Games.  We would like to thank Atlas Games for supporting our blog.  All thoughts, comments, and pictures herein are our own.

Like all good geeks of a certain age I absolutely loved Choose Your Own Adventure books from back in the day.  I fondly remember reading through each of my copies until I had gotten every ending, and traversed every path that lead to them.  Therefore, it has been with great interest, and excitement that I have watched the resurgence of this genre, especially when it crossed over into the board gaming world.

My daughter is way too young to have experienced any of this, and sadly those beloved books are long gone.  Van Ryder recently released a really cool collection of Graphic Novel Adventure Books (I did a review of Captive that you can read here).  This collection was also a bit too dark for my daughter, so it almost seemed as if she’d have to wait to experience choosing her own adventure for a few more years.  Almost.


Recently we came across Robit Riddle, a storybook game designed by Kevin Craine, illustrated by John Ariosa, and published by Baba Geek Games and Atlas Games.  Robit Riddle was initially released through a very successful Kickstarter, one that I was sad to miss.  Now it is readily available through Atlas Games and you FLGS.  The game packs all of the choose your own adventure excitement that I remember experiencing as a child into a family friendly story telling game for all ages.

In Robit Riddle you take on the role of one of six robots looking for their missing pets, known as robits.  Players will work together, choosing different paths in the story, pooling their resources to overcome tests and adversaries, and even making new friends along the way.  The main box comes with 3 different stories to choose from, although there seems to be a hint of more to come.

As you would expect the game is played, mainly, through reading a story book.  Certain spots will ask for a choice to be made, flipping to the corresponding part of the book.  At times there will be tests required, or as Robit Riddle calls them, encounters.  Encounters are breaks from the text in which players are encouraged to take on the role of their character and expand upon the story .  Once they have added their part to the story dice are rolled to see if the encounter was successful, if your words had their desired effect.  There are often three outcomes from the dice rolls, a failure and two passes, with one pass being the more favorable of the two outcomes.  During the course of the game players can accumulate story tokens which can also be spent to increase the number of successes.  The story tokens take the form of little metal gears, a really cool touch.  Story tokens can also be spent to add a bookmark to a page.  This mechanic is a nice little touch too.  Once you choose your outcome you may place the bookmark, allowing you to go back to it if you chose poorly.  Once you have resolved another encounter the bookmark is removed, and your opportunity to backtrack is lost.

Robit Riddle is a cute little game, and one that Emmy absolutely loves.  Over the summer we spent an entire night playing Robit Riddle over and over and over again.  She wanted to try to get as many outcomes as she possibly could.  It reminded me of my time with my books when I was a bit older than her.  Her excitement for the story was very clear, she loved the characters, and wanted to save the pets, at all costs.  We played through all three adventures, some more successfully than others, and she consistently comes back for more.  We both hope that there are many more expansions for this game in the future.

If you are looking for a game the entire family can play together, this is for you.  if you like to tell stories and really get into a game, this is for you.  If you want to see your child tap into creativity that you didn’t even know was there, this is for you.  There is hardly a situation that I can think of where this would not be for you.  Emmy and I cannot recommend it enough.  She says we’ve talked about it enough, now we need to go play it!

Emmy’s take:

“Hi friends, it’s me, Emmy!  Robit Riddle is a fun game, and you should try it sometime! It has gears, you should see them, it is so much fun!  There’s cards and the robots are so great!  You take out cards, you play cards, and it’s just like a story game!  You need to buy it!  Bye friends!!”

Robit Riddle gets a solid:     img_54531.jpg

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2 thoughts on “Come Play With E! Robit Riddle Edition

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  2. Kevin Craine is responsible for us doing Mint Tin Games’ Kickstarters. Kevin is the founder of the Seacoast Game Designers Meetup Group and that’s where I got my start! Small world eh? =) *waves to Emmy*


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