… Help Ghillie Overcome Nom (maybe)

Hello all!

As I may have mentioned before I am a huge Too Many Bones fan, published by Chip Theory Games.  If you didn’t know that, well then you can read my previous post about this game here.  Or the one that I wrote about my daughter’s love of this game, here.  Or you could check out one of my many Instagram posts here.  Or Facebook posts here.  If you already know this, then you also know that I am pretty excited about the soon to be released expansion/stand alone game, Undertow.  As I count down the weeks, and then days to its release I decided to do a playthrough of my favorite character, Ghillie taking on each of the tyrants in the original game.  Since I was playing through all the tyrants I thought that I should share this with all of you as well!  You can thank me below, in the comments section.  🙂


As I write this playthrough I am going to try my best to keep it as spoiler free as possible, as I start each new day I will tell you which card I pulled from the Encounter Deck, but will stay away from the story.  I will let you know if I chose the first or second option, without saying what they reference in the story.  Although I will try my best to avoid spoilers there may still be some, so read on at your own risk.  If you’re ready to go, so am I!

Day one had Ghillie “Leaving Obendar”, this shouldn’t really be too much of a surprise, it’s the standard encounter.  I am really looking forward to a variety of beginning encounter cards with the new sets, but I digress.  Ghillie chose the first option and as a result moved one step close to Nom by gaining 1 Progress Point (PP), as well as 2 Training Points (TP).  He spent his TP on a defense die, Ghillie, by default, has none, so this was a big must, and he opted for another Health Point (HP).

Day two Ghillie was “Hardly Out of the Gate”, again no surprises here, this time he chose Option 2.  Since this is a solo game with one Gearloc the Baddie Queue (BQ) only had two 1 point baddies in it.  He faced off against an Orc Peon and a Dragon Hatchling.  The Orc was dispatched in Round 2, and the Dragon followed in Round 3.  Although the battle only lasted three rounds, Ghillie was left clinging to life with only 1 HP.  For his troubles, Ghillie earned 1 PP, a Loot (Mech-Pick) and 2 TP.  The Training Points were used to pick up #5 Multi Arrow and another Dexterity.  Ghillie wisely chose to Rest and Recover after the victory.


Day 3 had Ghillie “Crossing the Sibron”, as the last of the standard cards we will now get into the solo deck, and may encounter some cards that you may not want to know about.  Last chance to bail!  Still here?  Okay then, onward.  Ghillie chose the first option here, and wound up rolling a 6 on the D6, all was well.  For a job well done he earned 2 PP, (we’re coming for you Nom!) and 1 TP, which he used to up his Attack stats.  He passed the skill check without issue.  Since Ghillie was well rested, mostly due to lack of combat, he was able to Scout ahead, rolling a 4 on the D6.  He chose to look at a 1 point Baddie and saw an Orc Scout.  Knowing there are always more Orc around, he wisely chose to cycle this one to the back.  Be gone foul smelling Orc!

Day 4 he learned “What Goes Around…” and chose option 1.  This option added a 5 point baddie to the top of the BQ along with the four 1 point baddies our day counter brought.  The 5 point baddie was revealed as a Orc Rager.  Whew, good thing we got ride of that Scout earlier!  We then revealed three more 1 point baddies, a Kobold Tracker, Orc Peon, and Troll Romper, leaving one in the queue for later.  Lucky for us the Kobold saw us and immediately died of fright, or maybe it had something to do with the option we chose, I’m not sure.  Taking advantage of his Multi Arrow die, Ghillie was able to slay the Troll Romper, and the Orc Peon in the first round!  Round two added a Troll Brute to the fray, remember him lurking in the shadows from earlier?  Lucky die rolls took out the Orc Rager in the second round.  It took a bit to get rid of the Brute, the fourth round to be exact, but I still came out on top.  I was also able to use my Backup Plan in this round to obtain a Fortunate Discovery of die #4 Extra Mech Leg.  I ended the battle with 4 HP, 1 PP, 3 Loot (Oggot Herbs, Reflex Powder, and a Sparring Weapon) and 1 TP.  The Sparring Weapon was discarded, it was heavy, and Ghillie did not want to drag that thing all over Daelore with him.  The training point was used on die #9 Piercing Arrow (this one is for you, Nom Nom!)  Ghillie felt good enough to choose to Scout, rolling a 1, and finding a Kobold Greenthumb.  Bring it Kobold, we’ll see you soon!

Day 5 had Ghillie falling into “A Trap of My Own Making”, and chose the first option.  The BQ was set for us by this card, bringing in two 5 point Baddies.  Lucky me, I got 2, count ’em, two, Troll Enforcers.  The card let me roll in an attempt to stun them for the first two rounds, I split it, the first was not, the second, I bonked him on the head pretty good.  In the first round Ghillie tossed back some Oggot Herbs, and was now back to full strength, since one of the brutes was safely in La La Land, we focused his energy on the first one.  It wasn’t until the second round that Troll # 1 was felled.  Piercing Arrow took out Troll # 2 in Round 4, getting through that Thick Skin was brutal, and the addition of defense die, whew!!  This earned Ghillie 1 PP, 1 Loot (another Fortunate Discovery, he chose #12 Bait) and 2 TP.  Getting more HP was important so the first TP went to that, the second was allocated to doe #1 Rusted Spikes.  Since Ghillie ended this encounter with just 1 HP he chose to rest and recover.


On Day 6 Ghillie decided to “Trust Your Gut” and go with option 2.  The encounter had us build the BQ with two 5 point Baddies, this time we got an Orc Warmonger, and a Orc Rager.  Grrrr, I hate when they can use Raiding!  The ability to “kite” and move 3 spaces after attacking was what really kept me alive in this battle.  As a matter of fact, I only took 2 hits.  The Rager went down in the second round, and the Warmonger followed in Round 4.  I was awarded 1 PP, 1 Loot (a Gadget Arm), and 2 TP.  This time I decided to gain more attack die, using my first training point, and my newly aquired Gadget Arm to get to 4.  The second TP was used to grab die #2 Woven Snare.  Spying Nom in the distance, Ghillie chose to rest and recover.


On Day 7 it was time to go “Clubbin’ With Nom”, no options here boys and girls, just mano a mano!  Since this is solo, there was no BQ, just me, and Nom!  Ding!  Ding!  Ding!  Round One!  Nom’s initiative was a 2, we easily beat it, rolling a 5.  Ghillie got to go first.  Before the battle began we placed my Rusted Spikes and Woven Snare down on the Battle Mat.  Come closer, said the spider to the fly…  Ghillie rolled four attack dice amassing 5 points of damage right out of the gate.  Unfortunately, Nom’s Thick Skin absorbed 3 of the hits, knocking 2 off.  To start his turn Nom, annoyingly, healed 1 HP, but then fell into Ghillie’s traps.  The Rusted Spikes did 2 true damage, and the Woven Snare disabled 2 of his attack dice.  No dice for you!!  He was down to 3 health before his first roll.  His roll consisted of bones on his defense die, and the Om Nom on his Tyrant die.  No biggie.

The second round begins!  Fiiiiiiiight!  Ghillie once again rolled 4 attack dice, amassing another 5 damage, it was insane!  Nom, again, absorbed 3, knocking 2 HP off of him.  Ghillie also rolled a bone, which was stored in my Backup Plan, you never know!  Nom healed himself for 1 HP, taking him from 1 to 2 health.  He then rolled got 1 shield, and his Club.  He thundered my poor Gearloc to the upper left corner, hitting Ghillie for the first time.  Round three, Ghillie felt it was time to get serious.  This time, he chose his Piercing Arrow along with 3 attack dice.  His Piercing Arrow easily removed Nom’s shield, and also, temporarily removed his Thick Skin.  Rolling 2 attacks was enough to do the Tyrant in!  Game over, Ghillie lives to fight another day.  Nom slinks back into the shadows, never to be seen again.

It was an exciting match, I have always had a bit of a problem with Nom solo, so I went into this a bit nervously.  I decided to play a bit out of my comfort zone a bit this time, choosing Skill Dice that I may not have used before.  You may have noticed, that Ghillie, who is much known for his pets, did not acquire a single one this time around.  Trust me, the Talon, Growls, and Lil’ Yeti will not be on the sidelines for very long.  I have also added the Companion Chips add on to my Undertow order, I can’t wait to start playing with them!


Well, what did you think?  Did you like the format?  Did you want to see more of something, or less of it?  I changed it up a bit for the Tyrant battle, do you prefer to see more of that style for the days leading up to the final battle?  Do you have any strategies that you’d like to share?  Drop me a comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!  I hope that you are as excited about this playthrough series as I am.  If you are interested in the original game or the new standalone expansion, please visit Chip Theory Games!

Thanks for joining me this week as I singlehandedly helped Ghillie overcome Nom!  Join me next time, follow me on Twitter and Facebook, and please, feel free to leave a comment below!

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2 thoughts on “… Help Ghillie Overcome Nom (maybe)

  1. Hi

    Thank you for a really nice play-through. I really like your writing.
    I missed a bit of a story / narrative because you didn’t want to to spoil it for people by saying anything about the event-cards.
    I think it would be really nice and that you wouldn’t spoil muah if you referred a little more to the events like: “Ghillie son found herself hanging from a tree with two nasty Trolls arguing how to cook her. She made a quick choice and…. ”
    Something like that would make it a cohesive story that I would enjoy a lot.

    Just a suggestion

    I haven’t got the opportunity the play the game yet. I just recently found out about the game, and pre-ordered Undertow and Chile and Nugget.
    I can’t wait to get my hands on those. In the meantime I will enjoy your play-throughs


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