Come Play With E! Click Click Boom Edition

A review copy of Click Click Boom was provided by Thing 12 Games.  We would like to thank Thing 12 Games for supporting our blog.  All thoughts, comments, and pictures herein are our own.

When it comes to playing games with Emmy, we are open to trying all sorts of new things.  We have played tactical games, worker placement games, tile laying games, and even classic games.  The one type of game we had yet to dabble in was deception and bluffing games.  That all changed when Click Click Boom showed up on our doorstep…


Click Click Boom, designed by Sean Epperson, illustrated by Diony Cook Rouse, and published by Thing 12 Games was brought to life through a successful Kickstarter, promptly winning the 2017 People’s Choice NW Luci Award.  It plays 3-6 players in a quick 15 minutes or so, although we have not yet played with the full 6 players.  The theme of a old west saloon showdown is made kid and family friendly with the inclusion of cute, cartoony animals.  The cards are simple to understand and made easier by color coding, also making easily accessible to everyone.


The game play starts with each player choosing their character card.  Characters include a jackrabbit, fox, horse, raccoon, bull, and coyote.  The Kickstarter edition adds an armadillo and buzzard to the mix.  The character cards are double sided, one side of the character ready to play, and the other, the unfortunate effects of the “boom” portion of the game.  Each player also receives a Character Ability Card that lists the special ability available only to your character.  Each player is then dealt 3 “Click” cards, 2 “Stolen” cards, and 1 “boom” card, along with 1 gold coin and 8 silver coins.

Once the starting cards and coins have been dealt each player pays one silver coin to the center of the table, shuffles their 6 cards together, and fans then out facing away from them.  Yup, that’s not a typo.  Your hand is held out facing away from you.  The player to your left will choose one card for you to play, placing it face down on the table.  The player on your right then does the same.  Play moves around the table until all players have two cards in front of them.  Each player must then choose one of those cards to play, simultaneously revealing them after saying “3… 2… 1… Shoot!”  All cards are then revealed and resolved.  “Click” cards require  you to pay one coin to the center.  “Stolen” cards require 2 coins to be paid to the player who chose that card for you.  Players who revealed “Boom” cards flip their character cards over to the blown up side, and are removed from the remainder of the round.  Surviving players then pass a card to the player on their left.  This card can be the unplayed card left in front of them, or a random card from their hand.  All cards are passed face down and are then shuffled into the receiving players hand.  The turn order now changes, you will begin by asking the player from the right to choose a card to play, then the player to the left.  The game continues until there is only one player left or all remaining players only have one card left.  The coins in the center of the table goes to the remaining player or players.  The nest round begins with all players adding coins to the center, one coin if you were exploded, or two coins if you survived.  The player with the most coins at the end of three rounds is the winner.

The components are well done.  The character cards are adorable.  The animals go well with the Western theme, and the art style is perfect for this game.  The cards themselves have a linen finish that makes them easy to shuffle.  The included coins are made from a thick cardboard that has handled well through the multiple games that we have played so far.  We love the look of the coins, they are bright and bold, and fun.  Everything about this game screams family time, and it does not fall short.  We have had a “blast” playing this game.  Every time it comes to the table it is joined by laughter and good times.  Emmy laughs the hardest when someone picks a “boom” card, happily turning their character cards over for them.  I also love that the turn order card is made of cardboard, making it stand up nicely to being passed around.  It gives it a nice feel, it was something I was not expecting.  Little things like that really get me sometimes, weird, I know, but true.

Click Click Boom is very easy to learn, quick to play, and loads of fun.  This game had my daughter actively laughing out loud for the majority of the game.  We have introduced this game to a few people, and almost every time they request another round.  And then another, and another.  You get it.  It’s addictive, it’s fun, and it really brings people to the table to see what all the laughing and trash talking is about.  If you are looking for a fast, fun, family game that is guaranteed to make you laugh, then this is your game!

Emmy’s Take:

“I want to tell you that Click Click Boom was a really fun game!  I liked being all the different characters.  I loved picking the BOOM cards.  Here’s a secret, I usually pick the BOOM cards.  You should try it sometime, it’s a great game.  Bye friends!”

Click Click Boom gets a solid:     img_54531.jpg

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