Come Play With E! Dice Throne: Season One Edition

A review copy of Dice Throne: Season One was provided by Roxley Game Laboratory.  We would like to thank Roxley Game Laboratory for supporting our blog.  All thoughts, comments, and pictures herein are our own.

I have always loves dice rolling games.  I love the clank of the dice as they roll around your hand, the sound they make as they crash onto the table, into a dice tray, or even making their way down a dice tower.  There is just something about that sound!  I have also always loved dice rolling games for playing with my daughter.  One of her first games was Roll For it, designed by Chris Leder, published by Calliope Games.  Dice are easy to see for her, easy to remember what they do, and she is MY daughter, so she really loves the feel of them too!  This is one of the reasons she loves Too Many Bones so much, all those dice!  Recently, we got a new game, another game full of colorful, beautiful custom dice.


Dice Throne: Season One is a widely popular game that took Kickstarter by storm.  Designed by Nate Chatellier and Manny Trembley, and published by Roxley Games Laboratory, it is a fast paced, dice chucking, fantasy fighting game for 2-6 players.  The game is played over a series of rounds, pitting players against each other.  In a round you will roll your 5 dice, custom to your chosen hero, choose to reroll, Yahtzee style, and apply damage.  What makes this game unique is the addition of cards, also unique to your hero, that can upgrade your attacks, defense, used to manipulate dice rolls or used as a status effect.  These cards can be used by spending CP points, which are gained at the beginning of each round.  Cards can be added to the player’s mat, permanently altering their powers.  These cards add a ton of choices to the game, deciding whether to spend your precious CP points on this card, or waiting to get more points to spend on a more expensive card can be really hard.  Seeing all the different abilities each of the 6 included heroes have, finding a strategy with each of them has brought my family endless hours of fun.


The game includes 6 heroes each with it’s own player mat, deck of cards, custom dice, status effect tokens, and player sheet.  The mats are thick sturdy cardboard with a full drawing of the character on the back.  The front is a great layout space for your cards, highlighting what each card does in character and pictures.  The dice are beautiful, the colors are vibrant, the symbols are large and clear.  The insert has little tray to keep each charaters dice, tokens, and cards separate, and was a really nice touch.  The tokens are made of a thick cardboard, well made, and very easy to see, and identify.  Health and CP are tracked with cool dials, each with the matching character on it.  Dice Throne even includes turn order cards, which are always appreciated!


I haven’t even mentioned the art yet, Emily and I were immediately attracted to the artwork on the box, and were in for more of a treat when we opened it.   The characters are amazingly beautiful.  The art pops off of everything on this game, no expense was spared when it came to making this game as appealing as it is.  It is indeed, a feast for the eyes.  I cannot wait to see the comic book that is coming with the second season, this is a game, and art style, that begs for just that.  I am excited to see where the comic goes.


Emily loves Dice Throne: Season One, playing it three times the day it arrived!  We did need to make some accommodations for her, she does not yet know how to read, so we had to remove the cards from the game for her.  She primarily plays as the MoonElf, and she plays hard!  Even with the removal of the cards from the games we play with her, it is still a solid, fun, family game!  She gets into character while playing, at one point telling one of her opponents “Enjoy your few minutes, girlfriend” before rolling a devastating combo and taking out the Monk.  It is interesting for me to watch her decided to reroll or to hold her die, to go for a bigger combo, or take a smaller one and inflict a status effect instead.  It is a puzzle for her, and she loves it!


Dice Throne: Season One had made its way into our regular family gaming rotation.  She can’t wait to teach it to new people whenever she has a chance.  Recently, Dice Throne: Season Two was released via Kickstarter, and did even better than the first release.  The new expansion, also a standalone game, adds 8 more characters to an already fun and cool cast.  I cannot imagine how this game could get better, yet the new season promises to do just that!  This is a game that can be built upon for years to come, and Emmy and I cannot wait to see what else they come up with!

Emmy’s take:

“I like Dice Throne, especially my Moon Elf character, I love her.  I like the health things and the other chips.  I like the fighting.  To play you set up your mats, you roll your dice to see if you got something.  You’re only allowed to re-roll your dice twice.  You look at your mat to see if you got something.  If you did, then you’re all happy.  You get to attack the other people for as many damage as it does.  You win by killing all the other people and be the last one standing.  It’s actually quite fun, you should really try playing it.  Bye friends!

Dice Throne: Season One gets a solid:     img_54531.jpg

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