… Try to Find Treasure and Stay Sober

A review copy of Drinking Quest: Journey into Draught was provided by Jason Anarchy Games.  I would like to thank Jason Anarachy and Jason Anarchy Game for supporting my blog.  All thoughts, comments, and pictures herein are my own. 

A few years ago my friend bought me a copy of Haiku Warrior for my birthday.  She had seen it on Kickstarter and thought it looked like a fun game.  I looked at her kind of funny, put it into a stack, and didn’t think about it for a long time.  Fast forward to a night, long after our story began, I was looking for something different to play, and I once again came upon Haiku Warrior.  Why not, I thought.

What came next was amazing.  It was a complete RPG tabletop experience that was told entirely through Haiku.  The mechanics was fun and engaging and the experience left me wanting more.  Why had I neglected this game for so long?  I immediately reached out to the creator of Haiku Warrior Jason Anarchy, looking for more.  He then told me about his Drinking Quest series, on which Haiku Warrior was based.  The Drinking Quest series has four games out thus far, with one still to come this summer.


Jason generously sent me a review copy of Drinking Quest: Journey into Draught published by Jason Anarchy Games for this review.  Drinking Quest arrived just in time for our Spring Break last week, and I was able to dice right into it.  Let me start out by saying, if you plan to play this game, please do so responsibly, as the title suggests, there is drinking involved, although there is a non drinking variant called the “Bladder Buster”.  I played this game with my friend, visiting from out of town, so no solo play just yet, we’ll get to that at the end, after all, this is a solo game blog!!

The game includes 6 quests, 4 heroes to choose from, a nice cloth map, 3 polyhedral dice, a pad of character sheets, and a plastic coin (otherwise known as The Bitterness Coin), all squeezed into a tiny, travel-sized box.  Being familiar with Haiku Warrior I was able to dive right into this game.  After you pick your adventurer, with names like Daiquirin, Bartlebut, Chuglox, and Annoying Sidekick, and grabbing their signature drink, you are ready to start your adventure.  Two of the quests in the box are optional, the Morning Tea Quest, and Kega Man Returns, can be added to the game, or returned to the box. The remaining 4 quests are shuffled into 4 separate stacks based on their Quest number.  Players will work their way through these four stacks either battling the monsters they encounter, or engaging in a skill test, or Saving Throw, for events that occur.  If a player ever loses all of their life they are required to chug their drink to come back to life, starting at the next round, with full hit points.  Battles are based on dice rolls, your weapon denotes which of the 3 dice you may roll, a 4 sided, 6 sided, or 8 sided die.  Before drawing a new quest card a hero may decide to visit the shop, where they can buy upgraded weapons, armor, and even healing items, spending the gold earned by defeating monsters.  The game ends when all decks have been emptied.  The hero with the most experience points is declared the winner.  But, let’s be honest, at this point we’re all buzzed, so aren’t we all winners?



The game is a lot of fun to play with friends, especially when you get into the later rounds, and there has been much chugging.  The cards are all done in a tongue in cheek play on traditional dungeon crawlers.  The flavor text is right inline with the humor, at times, making me actually laugh out loud, and not just because I chugged a lot either.  (In a typical game, we only really wound up chugging 2-3 times.  This is not your typical, college, get sloppy drunk, kind of drinking game.)  The components are well done, the inclusion of the cloth map and the plastic coin were a nice touch.  The cards were sturdy and are holding up pretty well so far, although I might recommend sleeving if you play with some sloppy drinkers, protect those cards people!


My friends and I played this game a few times during Spring Break, and we had a blast.  This is definitely a game to bring along on trips, and will be making it to our annual beach vacation this year.  We played the “Bladder Buster” variant, where you chug glasses or water rather than alcohol, and still had a lot of fun with it.  Rolling the die to see how the monster will attack as well as the effectiveness of your attack can be nail biting, but so much fun.  I love the choices the shop gives you, do you spend your money on a new weapon, or buy some armor?  Money can be hard to come by, you need to spend it wisely.  New weapons can equate to a new die, upgrading your D4 to a D6, or even a D8.  The armor can add defense to your chartacter, or add to your starting HP, so the choices can be the difference between passing out drunk, or finishing the game with a good buzz.  🙂  The more people you have to play, the better.  But, like I said, this is a solo blog, so…


The game does not have a solo variant, but I had so much fun playing this with my friends, even without the drinking, that I incorporated rules from Haiku Warrior to make it so.  The solo rules for Haiku Warrior states the hero plays four cards from each quest before advancing.  You win the game if you have collected 10 souls.  For Drinking Quest, I applied the same rules, changing the souls requirement for 30 XP.  This has made for a challenging experience and one that I have played several times solo.  I like the style of game play, the humor, and of course the dungeon theme.  This game ticks most of the boxes for me, and one that I will bring out again during my next gaming get-together.

Thanks for joining me this week as I singlehandedly sought to stay sober!  Join me next time, follow me on Twitter, and please, feel free to leave a comment below!

Don’t forget, once I hit 200 followers on Twitter, I will have a giveaway of a copy of Mint Tin Pirates!!

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