Come Play with E! Mint Tin Edition

Hello everyone!  Welcome to the first game post in the monthly series, Come Play with E.  This month Emily and I will be talking about a game series published by husband and wife team David and Kate Miller, also known as subQuark Publishing.  Three successful Kickstarters has helped them bring their Mint Tin Series to life, Mint Tin Pirates, Mint Tin Aliens, and Mint Tin Apocalypse.  The Millers live in New Hampshire and are committed to bringing all of their games to life using locally sourced vendors.  They meticulously sort through each component for every game they personally send out to ensure each item is as perfect as can be humanly possible. That’s a commitment to their product that you don’t see every day!  A fourth Mint Tin game is currently in the works, and should be coming to Kickstarter soon.


All three games are currently in my collection, which means that are currently in Emily’s collection.  Spoiler Alert, one of these games has actually been taken from me, and permanently moved to her collection.  So, let’s talk about that one first, Mint Tin Pirates.  We live in Florida, and our little section of the state celebrates Gasparilla, a time when we were invaded by pirates, they took over the town, and had a great party.  This is celebrated here every February with parades, beads, parties, and of course, pirate invasions.  So what a perfect time to get this little gem to the table, and when I say little, I mean little.  It comes in, you guessed it, a Mint Tin, and is all self contained.  The game comes with a deck of cards, some dice, mini meeples in red, black, and white, and wooden cubes in red, black, and gold.  Each pirate is given a galleon, after all, what kind of pirates would we be without a ship?  They then add their three pirates to man the ship, place their colored cube on the far right bottom of their card, and deal out 5 cards to each player, then get ready to battle.

Play is simple, and Emily caught on right away.  You attack your opponents ship or pirates by making pairs.  Once a pair is made the dice are rolled, if the dice total matches the numeric print on the bottom of the card the attack was successful, if not, you missed.  Too bad.  If you used a knife, bomb, or guns, it will take out a meeple.  A cannon goes right for your ship.  Damage to the ship moves the cube on the bottom of your ship card one space to the right, damage to your meeple sends one of your pirates into the drink.  Did you roll doubles?  Then you get the gold cube, this allows you to have an extra card in your hand, bringing you to 6 cards now.  Does the other pirate already have the cube?  Then take it from them!!  You are pirates after all, plundering is kind of your thing!

Game play goes back and forth until one pirate has destroyed the others galleon, or has lost their crew to Davy Jones’ locker.  But watch out, there is a Ghost Pirate who takes over the first player to lose their crew’s ship, and gives them a bit of a reprieve, although a bit of a handicap in cards, they go down to only 3.  There are also wild cards, doubloons (gold really can buy anything), cards that can bring a pirate back from the sea, and even a card that will turn your crew into traitors!


Emily loves this game.  It is so small and compact that she has added it to her restaurant bag (the bag o’ stuff that we use to occupy her while waiting for food) and it comes to the table frequently.  We have taken it on picnics, and as I mentioned, we live in Florida.  This game also made its way into my hurricane evacuation bag this past season.  Thankfully we never had to evacuate, but if we did, I added a small collection of games to occupy our time, and this one made the cut!  The mini cards are perfect for Emily’s little hands, although we do also use Uberstax, to help her with hand management.  She loves rolling the dice to see if she got me or not, and, as a bonus, it is a great way for her to do math, adding the totals up.  She loves to send my pirates into the sea, and giggles a bit manically when she does, I may need to keep an eye on that one, but where were we? Ah yes, the game!  Neither one of us really has a complaint about the game, it’s quick, light, and fun.  It even makes you start talking like a pirate from time to time, and what’s wrong with that ya barnacle crusted sea dog?

Emmy’s take:

“You play Mint Tin Pirates with the battles and battles.  Pirates force against pirates!  And the ghost pirate is your last chance!  I think it’s good, I love it!  Bye everybody, I’ll see you again soon, friends!”

Mint Tin Pirates gets a solid:     img_54531.jpg

Did this game look like a game that you may want to add to your collection?  Once I hit 200 followers on Twitter, we will have a giveaway of this game! David and Kate Miller have generously offered to send a copy of this game to one of my lucky subscribers!  So hit that follow button, head on over to Twitter and do the same.  Once we hit that lucky 200, I’ll post more details on the contest!

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